Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Important ? Or Not?

Every morning i wake up, the first thing i will do is take up my phone, and see is there any message from you. The first thing i will do when i online, is go and check whether you are online or not. Am i important for you? Maybe I'm and maybe I'm not. I don't know, every time when i receive message from you, I'll feel happy. Once i din get any message from you, i will feel down. When I'm not in the mood, you will try to make me happy. When you're not in the mood, i will try my best to entertain you. Just wanted to know how important am i to you? What will happen to you if one day u didn't get a single message from me? Will you feel nothing? Or you will start to worry about me? Will you find my contact once you're online? Will you take up your phone and see is there any message from me? Important? Or NOT??