Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Important ? Or Not?

Every morning i wake up, the first thing i will do is take up my phone, and see is there any message from you. The first thing i will do when i online, is go and check whether you are online or not. Am i important for you? Maybe I'm and maybe I'm not. I don't know, every time when i receive message from you, I'll feel happy. Once i din get any message from you, i will feel down. When I'm not in the mood, you will try to make me happy. When you're not in the mood, i will try my best to entertain you. Just wanted to know how important am i to you? What will happen to you if one day u didn't get a single message from me? Will you feel nothing? Or you will start to worry about me? Will you find my contact once you're online? Will you take up your phone and see is there any message from me? Important? Or NOT??

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i Did something Wrong?? OMG

HMM, ON sunday, early in the morning, i go out and help my parent work. Then suddenly i remember that i forgot to reply my friend question. My friend ask me, long hair or short hair nicer. Then i send a message to great, good morning, then we start to sms, that day, i said something weird to her and i wondering that she scare of me or she angry of me. That day after we message early in the morning, after my lunch with my parent then i go home. After that, i drive to MK which is a place i practise and learn singing. When i reach there, i stop reply her and i was talking to my teacher. One of my friend kepo and tell teacher what i told her. Then that afternoon, my teacher and me sit at the coffee shop drink and talk. We talk and talk, we drank 6 cup of chinese ice tea. Oh my god, then at last we go to class. I sing and sing, suddenly the electric cut off. Its just that room, then i feel like, "oh my god, ada hantu kah.. " Was scaring myself, then my teacher ask me to switch on the main switch, then it happen again. Again and again my teacher ask me to do that. Im worry that when i go switch on the switch suddenly got a "white" thingy fly in front of me. HAHAHa.. was scaring myself that day. That day actually was a bit happy, cause i be able to do something i usually cant do. hahaha.. Sing and sing, time pass by very fast and its 5 o'clock. WOW.. its time for me to play basketball. hohoho. i change my pants inside my car, lucky no one know that im changing. Then i go to play basketball, nvr win a match that day, so tiring, cause my friend brother play basketball like a dumb dumb. then my girlfren was watching me from far. she park her car far away from the basketball court and look at me when im playing basketball. Sumthin not happy happen that time. When its around 8, i ask her to go back, which means go back my house. then she dissappear for around 10 - 15 min. I sms her but she din reply a thing. Was worry bout her and was so angry that she din reply my message. She tell me that she gone to buy something. Then we start argue at that matter. I wondering is i lost my temper or she did. That night we suppose to go for dinner together with my family that day end up she go home eat bak kut teh. Then when i have my dinner with my family, i sms my friend and reply her message. We message and message, suddenly my friend din reply my message. I was wondering that i did something wrong or something that make my friend angry. I don't know. Until today, tuesday, i sms my friend and ask weither got class anot, free anot. What my friend reply me is "no.. i got class.." URm... feel that the message sound cool. and doesnt sound like wanna reply my message. erm.. HMMM.. thinking that i did somthing wrong?? or my friend is not in the mood to sms me???? or something happen??? what should i do????? Oh My god...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

03 March 2009 (奇怪的一天)

“小偷”一早起身,刷牙洗面,就跟平时做得都一样。 可是,心情总是怪怪那样。很不开心,非常的不开心,可是不懂为了什么事而不开心。心情很矛盾的。到了学校,看见朋友们,就跟朋友们聊天。聊了一阵子, 突然“小偷”的朋友问他下星期上云顶要怎样。“小偷”就很快的回答,“我都可以,你们决定了告诉我”。他就很开心地回答了这一句。可是,烦恼开始来了,突然间脑海里出现了很多问号。可是,他结果还是没多想了。他把问题丢到一旁,然后就上课,跟朋友说笑话。等到下课的时候然后,就跟朋友们出去吃午餐。结果只有三朋友坐“小偷”,就是 “大便”,“小宏”和“小庭”。他们四个去载“小偷”的女朋友。他们在车子里,话题不多,就驾着车子。兜来兜去,因为决定不倒要去那里吃。结果,“小偷”就提议去吃老鼠粉。大家都同意了。可是到了那餐厅,那老板要我们赶快的“下单”,因为那间店要打烊了。结果就帮“小胖”,“女人”和“小国”order。谁知道,不熟吉隆坡的“女人”驾车。搞到从puchong 去sri kembangan 要用到一小时的时间。他们三个吃完后。大家就打算回去学校上课,“小偷”载了他女朋友回家后,结果“小偷”,“大便”,“小宏”和“小庭”四个人就打算去喝椰子水。他们四个喝完后,都很饱,然后就赶着回去学校上课。结果是迟到了五分钟。上课不到半小时,老师就说,"ok today class end"。 大家就赶着回家了,天气变黑,像要下很大很大的雨一样。然后“小偷”就去了他女朋友家一阵子,之后就回家了。依然是很没有心情的,到家后,进房间就把电脑开着。很闷得没事做,就下楼去看有什么东西可以吃。吃了一包紫菜,一包mamee,就坐着看电视机,突然想起今天是星期二。答应了朋友要玩上网游戏,就快快的爬上楼去玩。结果爸爸妈妈回到家,妈就大声喊,“下来帮忙”。“小偷”就得跑下楼去帮忙。结果只剩不多时间去玩哪游戏。然后,“小偷”女朋友打电话给他。他就大声地对女朋友说话。就应为心情不好,所以他没心情在电话里谈天。这样的男朋友都有。真的是oh my god。结果他就说,“我要睡了,我很累了。”然后他就上床去睡了。真的是奇怪的一天。好的心情都去那里了??