Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i Did something Wrong?? OMG

HMM, ON sunday, early in the morning, i go out and help my parent work. Then suddenly i remember that i forgot to reply my friend question. My friend ask me, long hair or short hair nicer. Then i send a message to great, good morning, then we start to sms, that day, i said something weird to her and i wondering that she scare of me or she angry of me. That day after we message early in the morning, after my lunch with my parent then i go home. After that, i drive to MK which is a place i practise and learn singing. When i reach there, i stop reply her and i was talking to my teacher. One of my friend kepo and tell teacher what i told her. Then that afternoon, my teacher and me sit at the coffee shop drink and talk. We talk and talk, we drank 6 cup of chinese ice tea. Oh my god, then at last we go to class. I sing and sing, suddenly the electric cut off. Its just that room, then i feel like, "oh my god, ada hantu kah.. " Was scaring myself, then my teacher ask me to switch on the main switch, then it happen again. Again and again my teacher ask me to do that. Im worry that when i go switch on the switch suddenly got a "white" thingy fly in front of me. HAHAHa.. was scaring myself that day. That day actually was a bit happy, cause i be able to do something i usually cant do. hahaha.. Sing and sing, time pass by very fast and its 5 o'clock. WOW.. its time for me to play basketball. hohoho. i change my pants inside my car, lucky no one know that im changing. Then i go to play basketball, nvr win a match that day, so tiring, cause my friend brother play basketball like a dumb dumb. then my girlfren was watching me from far. she park her car far away from the basketball court and look at me when im playing basketball. Sumthin not happy happen that time. When its around 8, i ask her to go back, which means go back my house. then she dissappear for around 10 - 15 min. I sms her but she din reply a thing. Was worry bout her and was so angry that she din reply my message. She tell me that she gone to buy something. Then we start argue at that matter. I wondering is i lost my temper or she did. That night we suppose to go for dinner together with my family that day end up she go home eat bak kut teh. Then when i have my dinner with my family, i sms my friend and reply her message. We message and message, suddenly my friend din reply my message. I was wondering that i did something wrong or something that make my friend angry. I don't know. Until today, tuesday, i sms my friend and ask weither got class anot, free anot. What my friend reply me is "no.. i got class.." URm... feel that the message sound cool. and doesnt sound like wanna reply my message. erm.. HMMM.. thinking that i did somthing wrong?? or my friend is not in the mood to sms me???? or something happen??? what should i do????? Oh My god...

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